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Thread: Finis Luna or Finis Foil?

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    Finis Luna or Finis Foil?

    Hi Everyone,

    For a certain project I need a floppy monofin. I am not going to swim with it. I am currently torn between the Finis Luna and the Finis Foil. Can anyone who has experience with both tell me which of these two is floppier?

    Other recommendations for floppy monofins are welcome, too! I've considered the mahina but it won't work for my project, sadly.

    Thanks in advance! <3
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    I have the foil, it is not floppy but rather stiff. From what I've seen in other videos, the Luna definitely looks floppy.
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    If you need something really floppy and arenít set on the Luna or Foil shape I would recommend a mertailor Fantasea 1 because they are sort of close to the Luna price wise assuming you arenít getting the small.

    I think the Luna tends to be floppier than the foil because itís made out of silicone. If you are getting the Luna I know that Courtney Mermaid has a discount code for the Luna! mermaidcourtney all lowercase.

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    I have the Luna and absolutely love it! I haven't tried the Foil, but I'm fairly certain the Luna is more floppy.

    However, it's much less so than the one from Mertailor, so if you want one that's as floppy as possible, I'd go for a Fantasea one. The Luna has much better propulsion, though, so it all depends on what's more important to you.

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