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Thread: Problems With AquaMermaid

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    Problems With AquaMermaid

    These are getting shared around a lot on FB but aren't on Mernetwork here. If you've had an issue with Aquamermaid/and or their products/not getting paid etc please post it here. I will let these screen shots speak for themselves.

    First of all, if these screenshots don't load, You can join this FB group: and the folder of these screenshots can be found here

    Main complaints summarized from screen shots:
    • Undercutting/Not compensating for travel
    • Not paying full amount promised
    • Filming and photographing participants without knowledge or consent, then using that for self promotion and her various fundraising
    • Theft of Mermaid Linden's website/images and monofin pieces
    • Misleading people into thinking she's selling silicone tails, when in reality she has convinced new silicone tail makers to give her a large percentage of their money in exchange for her acting as middle person - this results in large markups for the buyer, no communication with the actual seller, and exploitation of new people in the industry
    • No training provided for mermaid school instructors
    • No standards required for mermaid school instructors
    • Buying knock off items to promote (Finfolk)
    • False claims
    • using branding of others mers to get traffic (SEO, hashtags etc)

    Applicable Mernetwork Links:

    Applicably news links: ""The mermaid world is still a very small pond. Chartier Hénault initially stepped on a few fins after she used photos and texts of established mermaids to promote her business. Mermaid Linden Wolbert was one of them."
    This touches on how she stole Linden's content and used it to promote herself in Canada:


    Relevant Videos:

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    The blue monofin with the wavy fin lines, I bought mine off ebay a year before she snapped them all up for herself. It is on alibaba but I can't even buy a replacement as she claims she owns the design. As such the manufacturer doesn't allow single purchases as they once did before Marielle showed up.
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    Another huge case, I wont be able to post all the screenshots but I'll provide the link to the FB group where anyone can join.

    I have a Marielle Aqua Mermaid Bomb to drop and it’s a big one – bare with me. I had to wait until the person could confirm they could get out from under their contract with her. This is a big post, but VERY important and some of the most damning stuff yet. So settle in. Disclaimer: I have done my very best to vet everything here and I am relaying someone’s personal experience along with screenshots that back it up.

    Melanie Raymond got in touch with me after joining our Mermaids in Canada pod. She had been “working’ under Marielle. I say that with quotes because as so many other Canadian complaints, she was not compensated properly if at all. I am posting this on her behalf in order to use my standing in the community to signal boost, and screen shots of everything have been included. I’ll add it to the mernetwork link so folks can share.
    First of all, there are several reasons why Melanie hadn’t spoken out yet about her experience. The first, she is a contestant in Miss Mermaid for which Marielle is now running the Canadian branch. Melanie worried that speaking out against Marielle would cut her off from Networking in the mermaid world as Marielle gives the impression of being very well connected, and that she would have her opportunity to be Miss Mermaid rep for Canada taken away from her. Second, Melanie has been trying to get a tail owed to her from Marielle. Third: she signed a contract

    Melanie met Marielle by taking some classes that she describes as “abysmal”. Her sister in law even made a complaint about how bad the class was, which led Marielle to contact her and they talked back and forth about it. Marielle invited her to “do some film work”. This was actually the follow up to an episode of Dragon’s Den (Canadian version of shark tank) that Marielle had originally flunked out of. Melanie was not paid or compensated in any way for appearing in this or promotional material that was used to promote aquamermaid. At the time, Melanie and others who were voluntold for the filming had NO affiliation with aquamermaid. So Marielle was using them to make her company look more successful. They were hired actors, without the hired part.

    Next, Marielle invited her to do something similar, saying it was for promotion at Air BnBs, and unknown to Melanie or others involved, Marielle actually used this content to create online teaching resources for her school without their knowledge. Melanie was actually looking up ways to get better at mermaid swimming and found VIDEOS OF HERSELF on youtube! The video was all content in which Melanie had no idea she was even being recorded at the time. Some of the footage was silly and unflattering – which she wouldn’t have done had she known she was being filmed for professional purposes (or at all). This became a long-term issue where Melanie was filmed, and put in Marielle’s Youtube, without her knowledge, consent, or any form of compensation.

    Melanie got her introduction to the mermaid world as a result of Marielle, she didn’t know much of the stuff that we all known coming in (it’s very sparse community and industry in Canada).
    Marielle convinced her to help out at the aquamermaid school that was very far from her, for no pay, in exchange for having that money go toward a silicone tail. At the time, Melanie believed she was ordering a silicone tail directly from Marielle and engaged in lots of communication with her about ideas. Marielle provided no training and required no standard of experience from Melanie to have her teach an aquamermaid, and according to Melanie would often rope in totally unrelated friends and people to work aquamermaid gigs. Melanie originally did this to earn the tail and to help out because she felt bad about how much the aquamermaid staff were struggling. Melanie wanted to meet more people and become more skilled (this is a tactic Marielle uses often by targeting new people who need experience). Melanie was shocked to find herself being more and more relied on by Marielle when in reality this was meant to be a temporary thing she was helping out with. This causes resentment from other mermaids who wanted/needed the hours.

    Shortly after, Melanie was shocked to see one of the designs she’d discussed having made for herself as her order, being sold commercially by Marielle. (we have since confirmed the actual maker of the tail had no knowledge of this – so please don’t blame them for the design theft- Cynault AND fairytales Bangkok) These were very specific items that Melanie had come up with herself never present in the tails before (such as a V line waist). Soon, more and more of Melanie’s designs started being sold by Marielle.

    Melanie saw that Marielle was wearing a finfolk rash guard, and Marielle directly showed her where to outsource the stolen designs. (She even went to meet the fabric designers who stole these designs!) Melanie asked her flat out if these were legit designs. Marielle played dumb and apologized, but then wore the rash guard the next day at a con. (this is another tactic we see a lot of with her faking ignorance). Also after apologizing she still sent links out to people for this knock off company.

    To try and make the theft of her designs work (trying to think the best of Marielle) Melanie offered to be hired to make premade designs. Marielle gave an open ended answer that made it seem like she was willing to try that, and we found out later that she left Cynault creations with the same impression that Melanie’s designs were approved and compensated. Marielle also tried to get Melanie to make Tiaras for the Miss Mermaid competition with no compensation.

    Marielle admitted she has been going in and doing film work without being a member of any of the regulating agencies here in Canada.
    Melanie travels a lot for work to different areas in Canada and even though she was staying in those places temporarily, Marielle was pressuring her to open schools. Then pressure to do private 1:1 lessons in each area she lives, under aquamermaid. (Making melanie think she’d need to go through her to do them when just like us, Melanie could do it on her own). Marielle also tried to pressure Melanie into taking a gig while she was sick with a fever and waiting on covid results. Melanie had to turn her phone off as Marielle wouldn’t take no for an answer. Melanie suspects she caught it from an underpaid gig at Ripleys for aquamermaid (not in the aquarium), and nearly died from a respiratory arrest.

    Melanie has been under the impression this entire time that the tailmaker is working on her tail, and that she is under contract with aquamermaid which would prevent her about speaking on this. Melanie didn’t even know she could access the tail maker on her own until I informed her. She was under the impression what Marielle was doing was the industry standard. Upon doing so, Melanie discovered that Marielle was marking up the tails by over $1000. The tail Marielle has been “charging” Melanie for (with no real proof of what Melanie has owned) would normally cost 1200 through the maker, and Marielle is charging her 3262$ (invoice attached). Melanie asked to cash out what she had been earning for the tail, and was told no.

    Melanie is now coming forward after finding out from the tail makers and their posts that Marielle has commissioned loads of her designs through them to commercially sell. The tail makers were under the impression this was a collaboration with Melanie. Melanie knew nothing about it. When Melanie started confronting Marielle, she started deleting their history of messages on Instagram. The artists fully admit these were Melanie’s designs and encourage her to contact Marielle. Melanie has had all her designs stolen by Marielle and has not actually been compensated what she’s owed either through tail or money, along with having her image frequently used without her knowledge for Marielle to promote. Melanie is now in the process of seeking legal action.

    Be advised Marielle is on to the fact people screen shot her and is going back and deleting messages, and trying to do phone calls instead. Melanie is continuing to provide me with more screenshots and info as she finds it, and I will dump it here. Marielle knows we’re doing this and has been deleting some of the more damning messages as we back track. Melanie has also been removed from accessing the aquamermaid shared cloud drive that has her contract and other pertinent info.

    Note that Marielle keeps "reviewing" her "own" tails which the designers ADMIT are Melanies. One of these screenshots just shows how she deleted messages all the way back to July 2019 while still playing dumb. Marielle is also marketting "hybrid' finfolk tails where they add silicone fins to them. Marielle is literally back tracking while Melanie and I are grabbing evidence. She knows what she's done.

    Personal disclaimer: Though I am in Canada, aquamermaid has never set foot in my province and not caused me any competition. I have been trying to out her behaviour for 5 years and sent warnings to ALL the groups that have hosted her at cons etc but no one listened. She has been an issue since day one here in Canada. She has spread into the US because we keep stopping her here at every turn.

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