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Thread: Different Tops I own

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    Different Tops I own

    I thought people might be interested in the different brand tops I own! Lots of food ones here:

    First up, this one is by Amatheia Tails who makes tails and tops in Canada.

    This next Starfish is from Siren Allure:

    The one on the left is Tuwala's Treasures - A Canadian on Instagram, the one on the right is Siren Allures H20 style

    This shell one is made by Mermaid and Mom from California

    The black one is from the Fluke Boutique - Instagram, Canada

    another from her: (also made the belt)

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    Pretty! Do any of them make a tankini style?
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    Tuwala's Treasures does look absolutely stunning. I mean the design is pretty and fabulous.

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