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Thread: We've been learning underwater photography - but it's hard

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    We've been learning underwater photography - but it's hard

    My husband and I have been learning underwater photography. We are shooting with a Sony a6400 in a seafrogs housing, with lights and a stabilizer. Currently only the kit lens BECAUSE THIS IS EXPENSIVE. We need a wide angle and adapter.

    Typically he shoots and I edit, and I am learning how to do so in Photoshop. IT'S HARD. lol You can see more in my public fangroup along with BTS and videos:

    Here's some of our photos from this year as we learn:

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    You are doing a great job! Photographing underwater isn't easy you are juggling so many things, trying to tread water, not down, and take a picture its a lot. I recommend setting your camera to the quick shutter mode and just taking as many photos as you possibly can. As far as photoshop goes I recommend checking out youtube for tutorial videos just make sure to type in the model year of the photoshop your using so all the tools are in the same place but from what you got so far it's turning out really good just keep going you got this!

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