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Thread: Shellow! I'm a photographer, turned mermaid and im so happy to be here!

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    Shellow! I'm a photographer, turned mermaid and im so happy to be here!

    Hey there pod mates, I had no idea that this was a place or that I was in this pod! Can I just say I am so excited to be here and to be in this pod! Okay introduction time I'm Chantell no mermaid name yet although I do have a tail of my own! I have been a mermaid for 3 years now and I absolutly love it. I am located in Reno, Nevada and spend way to much time on instagram @chantell_peck_photography. I am a fantasy photographer photographing everything from mermaid, underwater, cosplay and portraiture! Any way I just wanted to say hi I can't wait to get to know all of you!

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    Good afternoon and welcome. I don't do photography myself, but have been talking to people in other communities who are trying to master that skill and shoot their own videos. I'm sure you could provide a great deal of assistance.

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    Nice to meet yah! I am canadian but occasionally get down that way when there's no pandemic. LOL

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    Hi k swim, yes I would definitely love to help I have learned a lot about underwater photography and can wait to share what I know

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