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Thread: Mers in the UK?

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    Mers in the UK?

    Dear all

    I haven't gotten myself a tail but would love to be connected with UK-based mers for some practical advice on where to purchase a tail, in which pool I'm allowed to swim in a tail and others.

    Please let me know if you're interested in getting connected! I'm @kyle_uw93 on kik.

    Kind regards

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    Hi Kyle

    I'm in the North East UK in county Durham. Me and my friend have managed to find a like private pool to mermaid in as my local council one is not letting me ATM. If you wanna add me in Facebook I'll be and to send you the letter I sent the council when I got into mermaiding last year. Yolanda Joy Alderson. Also there's a UK merpod on Facebook if you wanna join

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    Looking to buy first tail too got my mahina fin for ages now I feel I’m ready to step up the mer game 🙃 where is the best place in the uk?

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    Update bought the tail, let's go swim when Boris said we can!

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    yay! don't know where to go yet, I'm based in the South (close to London).

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    Im in London too, there is a place next to my home where they do open swimming.
    Claudia of the Sea.


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