Hello! I'm Adrian and I'm new to Mernetwork. I currently live in Norfolk, VA and I wanted to reach out to anybody in the Hampton Roads 757 area. I recently bought my new Mertailor Whimsy Three Tail with matching Coconut Lime Fantasea Fin and I tried it out several times in Ocean View this past summer! It was a blast!

Now that the summer's over, I'm interested in finding a pool location to continue swimming throughout the months and seasons to come til summer returns. With that, I'm interested if anybody in Hampton Roads is already doing this and would like to form a pod?

In the city of Norfolk, we call this city "The Mermaid City" because there are iconic mermaid statues scattered and on display all throughout the city. The same is true for the city of Virginia Beach except they have dolphin statues instead. Whether Virginia Beach is called "The Dolphin City" I can not tell, but if you live in Hampton Roads or have visited here, you probably know what I mean. Truth is, every time I tell somebody lately that I have a tail, they follow up with some sort of response that is directed toward, "Is there a group of you guys? Cause this is the mermaid city." I always have to say no and that feels so false to me because being a mer is a definite, professional or not. The offer lessons down in the Outter Banks for kids who want to be a mermaid/merman and for many locals, the Outter Banks is as home as Virginia Beach or Norfolk. It's literally a 2 hr trip if that.

Basically, I don't see why Hampton Roads doesn't have a pod by now. You're thoughts? If anybody's interested, I'd like to follow up.