Heya mers, remember when I shared my tailmaking journey on here, and now itís time for me to sell my baby.

I learned a ton while making the tail, and I already have a replacement on the way as Iím not using it as itís too small for me. The tail is an ideal fixer upper as there are imperfections all over from being made and used as this was the first silicone tail I ever made when I was 16. The waist is a slightly different colour and a different silicone from when I added a piece to make it come up higher. The monofin shows through the fluke cuz I didnít tint the silicone properly but thatís because I was learning!

There is a size small foil monofin in the fluke
The tail will fit someone petite. Iím 5ft 1 and itís a little short on me but I prefer tails that are high waisted.

All that aside, the tail has lasted me well, swims beautifully and Iím willing to let her go to someone who will fix her up. Asking $800

Iíll include pics of some of the imperfections, but PM me if you want more pics

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