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Thread: Hi! I'm Adrian from Norfolk, VA

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    Hi! I'm Adrian from Norfolk, VA

    Hi! My name's Adrian and I'm new with MerNetwork! I live in Norfolk, VA and I suppose the best
    way to introduce myself is to mention that I'm playing dual identity with being a merman. As such, here's my intro:

    Hi, My true name is Phillip, I live in Norfolk, VA after many years growing up in Virginia Beach, VA. My birthplace is Keene, NH where my grandmother lives and many relatives live whether in NH or sprinkled throughout New England and NY. What I recognize is Hampton Roads, VA. I went to school here, and I recently graduated from Old Dominion University with a BFA in Photo, Fiber, and minor in Creative Writing. I'm definitely a creative type.
    Being out of school, I continue to strengthen my knowledge of the arts and the world of art. I continue to work and utilize the mediums and techniques I've learned while staying in fine tune with what's happening in art today within a multitude of art genres, mediums, and outlets. With Fine Art, I enjoy music and concerts, movies at home or in theater, plays and musicals, art openings and exhibitions, and overall the general culture we see in day to day life within community events.
    Unfortunately, Covid-19 has really done a number to that. Thoughts and prayers for a good positive return to normal soon.
    Additionally, I want to travel. I've already been to London once during a spring break long college class studying castles and cathedrals. I'd like to go back to personally explore the city with hopes to grow with it within an art profession. I dream about being a Tavel photographer, working for Afar Magazine or Conde Nast. Lastly, with the likes of Lady GaGa, Cher, Madonna, George Michael, Christina Aguilera, or any other musical artist who tends to show off in personas, I too have character personas. One happens to be Adrian.

    In 2020, I evolved. I shed a very small and weak tail over the course of the 2020 summer amongst the pandemic and evolved into a beastlier merman with a very big tail fit for a sea king. I created a moneys chart to save up, got in contact with The Mertailor, and received my first Fantasea Fin Three with coconut lime colors as well as my Tonga Whimsey Skin that transforms me into the merman I've never even known I wanted to truly be until the faint wisp of a dream suggested I could be like Ariel or Urchin, better yet Zac from Mako Mermaids.
    A merman named Adrian, the idea of it didn't seem practical. It was hard to believe until I opened the box. It didn't have any fancy meme stickers the mermaids got when they ordered from The Mertailor and if there was one, it was weak or easily forgotton upon first sight of the fin, the skin, and the whole dream sitting in a cardboard box. I had recorded the unboxing and when the camera finished rolling, I laid out the tail on my bed to take in the size, the weight, the form that was going to become one with my body, mind, and soul.
    It was hard the first few times getting the tail on. It was even trickier transporting the tail to Ocean View, Norfolk's north end with Chesapeake Bay waters where many community events occur from baptisms to gatherings. For me, it was like a child harnessed to my front like a baby carrier, wrapped in a large towel within a clear trash bag. It was the oddest thing and bringing it home had it's specific protocols from carefully pulling of the skin from the fin and washing off sand, to air drying the fin and delicately washing the skin while the weather provided extreme heat conditions with high humidity straight off the bay. However, every occasion with the tail on is a reason that makes up for the tail's high maintenance and each occasion is a reminder that I'm Adrian, I'm human and I'm mer. Growing up right next to the Atlantic, watching Ariel's Adventures Underwater, with too many oceanic symbols and images surrounding myself, it's no surprise that I am Adrian. Right down to that last beach day swimming about hearing dolphins chirp underwater and bougie ladies in the surf gasp, "Hey merman" above water, I know where I am.
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