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Thread: Let's be friends!

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    Let's be friends!

    Hey everyone!

    I'm really new to this site, but I really am looking to make some friends on here! I'll introduce myself

    My name is Madi, I'm from Carmel Indiana, but now I am attending college in West Lafayette. I've been into mermaids for literally since I was born. I really want to get into mermaid-ing for years, but I've never had the courage. I've build up some confidence and in May I bought my first mermaid tail! I am rapidly getting more as time moves on because I can't stop. I've always wanted to meet friends who are into mermaid-ing so I don't feel alone when I am doing it, having support is always nice. I'm majoring in acting and video production and I love basically anything creative I can get my hands on. Plus like 50 hours of Animal Crossing...shhhh.

    I'm really looking forward to making friends. If you want to start chatting just send me a message! See ya soon pals!

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    Hello Madi! Welcome to the community! I hope you make some Mer friends in your area.

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    I'm in Lafayette 😯

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