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Thread: Which one you rather?? Crocodile or Shark?

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    Which one you rather?? Crocodile or Shark?

    I accidentally ran this word called Barguments. A bargument being defined as:

    A debate with no right or wrong answer that must be uncomplicated enough to be discussed.

    Then it got me to think, it could be 2 options given and doesn't matter which one you'll choose, its totally up to you. So! You're in the water. Which one you rather see? Shark or crocodile?? Pros and Cons for both creatures are here thou..

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    I feel this question cannot be answered without specifying what kind of shark (and crocodile).

    not very keen on meeting a large saltwater croc. Or any shark bigger than me^^

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    Neither. They're both capable of eating humans.

    I'd prefer a cute lifeguard than a scaly and toothy beast.
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    I vote shark too even if it's a hard choice as i also love reptiles and therefore crocodiles but i found lot of stuff about sharks to be fascinating like the ampullae of lorenzini for an exemple.


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