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Thread: Is there any way to fix malformed Rapid/Wave footpockets?

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    Is there any way to fix malformed Rapid/Wave footpockets?

    Hi Mernetwork!

    I have some links to pictures of this issue below, but basically I have a Finis Rapid (and a Wave in my closet that I haven't checked) that's a few years old. It's always been uncomfortable and not really a monofin I really like, but the other day I realized that the pain was worse than usual. When I got out of the water, I looked at the footpockets and they seem to really have caved in. I always store it with the little plastic Cs that are meant to prevent this, but regardless...have a look.

    It REALLY pinches the sides of my feet and the other day I think I wore it for 10min before I couldn't take it anymore. I know people put these fins in silicone tails, which blows my mind how you would prevent this from happening in a silicone. Do you think I could use a hairdryer to push them back out or something? Has anyone had this happen?

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    You can try shoe stretchers, or just filling the pockets with cloth sufficiently to force the sides out. The heat it up a bit. The last is hard to do, as too much heat can cause more damage.
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