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Thread: Am I the only one who can't stand Mako Mermaids?

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    Am I the only one who can't stand Mako Mermaids?

    I cannot stress enough how much I want to like this show. H2o the start of my mermaid obsession and when I found out there was a spinoff, I was thrilled.
    But I've tried twice to watch it and can't even get through the first season.

    The characters are all so unlikable to me. They seem so self-centred and nearly all of the shows problems could be solved with better(or even just having) communication.
    Am I missing something? Does it get better later on? This far the only character I can handle is their "Aunt".

    Edit: Also, no offense is meant to anyone who is a fan of this show. I really want to like it myself. Might have something to do with the target age range? I was like 12 or 13 when I first watched h2o and in my mid 20s now.
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    The only character I really liked in the series, was Nixie. The other characters seemed weak and spineless.
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    I'm currently watching H2O. I saw it on TV when I was younger and now I'm blitzing through it again. I was really looking forward to watching the Mako Islands! Judging on the comments here it might not be too worth looking forward to!

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    I love mako mermaids. It gets better in season 2.

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    I liked Mako Mermaids but my only gripe was the way some of the characters acted on the show.

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    As for me, the first season of "H20 -- just add the water" is the best, with characters Phoebe Tonkin, Caribe Heine and Claire Holt. Lovely girls with their first lovely adventures :3
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    I thought Mako Mermaids was entertaining, but my one and only complaint about the episode was how some of the characters behaved.
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