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Thread: New Merman from Ohio

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    New Merman from Ohio

    Greetings, fellow Merpeeps,
    My name is Mayson, and I'm a FTM merman from Ohio.

    I've always been a huge fan of mermaids ever since I was a young lad, I would always watch The Little Mermaid, and I would binge the Netflix show, H2O.
    Although I really love mermaids, I've never really been a good swimmer. I love swimming, but to be honest, I am probably the slowest swimmer you have ever seen, not to mention I am horribly out of shape.

    Although I have known about the Mermaid community, I recently rediscovered it, and realized how beneficial it could be to getting me in shape, as well as satisfying my other creative interests, such as drawing and costume making. Therefore, I have decided that I should try out this unique community.

    I have yet to get a tail, and while Covid-19 is very much still a risk, I'm nervous to try this out by myself, and I'm trying to get my friend interested in it so we could experience this together. I would love to know if there were any merpeople in Ohio willing to chat, I know Ohio isn't the best place to be a mermaid, lol.

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    Well...if you swim well enough not to sink that is the most important right? Besides swimming better can be learn. Now, i'm dyspraxic so i know it's way harder for some people but with determination and training you can always get better, don't compare with others if you have difficulties compare with your past self, once you didn't knew how to swim now you do, proof made you can learn knew thing, futhermore : you've done the hardest part the one about swimming at all already, obviously learning to swim better is not as hard as learning to swim period so you already proved you can do it. Well sure now isn't the best period to train you will need patience or exercice outside water which are not the best but swimming less slow and more in shape is definitively manageable. Dont give up
    on that.

    Well not gonna lie here like everywhere covid slow a lot of thing, wait to be sure to be safe to try mermaiding, that be very cool if your friend go into it to for sure, well they are pools region by region, i dont really know where is Ohio because i'm not from the US but the region is probably in one of the pod. You should seek it.


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