Do you think they'll ever be back?
The hiatus was supposed to be 90 - 120 days, but I think it began back in June (I could be wrong). The "should be back by" time frame continues to be pushed back. The last update was Nov 4 when they said hopefully toward the end of the month or by mid-December. I know they have been busy trying to get the aquarium stuff set up and seem to be more focused on fabric tails, fins, and odysseys (for a short time). I'm guessing because they are easier to churn out and it brings in revenue to pay for the remodel. Lol I get it, I really do. But dang it, it's frustrating! I wish they would give an update or at least update the prices so I can decide if it is still worth waiting for.
Any speculation or "inside knowledge" of when they'll actually be returning or what the prices will be?
Anyone in the same boat as me, dying from the wait?