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Thread: Seasoned mermaid. New to Mernetwork!

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    Seasoned mermaid. New to Mernetwork!

    Shello! My name is Mermaid Liv. It's exciting to finally be on this platform! I'm here to make friends and network and maybe find people to collab with. I've been a mermaid for around seven years now.  I'm a mermaid performer and content creator. Recently started on Youtube.

    Anyone else on Youtube? I support my fellow mers in all their mermaidy endeavors so I'd be happy to subscribe to your channel! Looking for new people to engage with! I also have a blog, which you can access in the link in my signature. I'd be happy to accept guest posts or write a guest post for you! Then we can both get backlinks, which is good for SEO.

    Here's some mermaid info about me:

    My favorite tails are the Magictail pro tails. My dream is to work as a mermaid full time, creating content, doing gigs, and I'd love to swim in an aquarium. My preferred place to swim is in clear blue waters in the Caribbean (Lived in Grenada for two months and loved the reef there. Beaches around me, here in PA, will never be the same after seeing the waters of the Caribbean.) But I'll settle for swimming in the creek that is right by my house.

    Tell me about yourself! How long have you been a mermaid? What are your mermaid goals? Are you a hobbyist, professional, or aspiring professional mermaid? What kind of tail do you have? What's your favorite tail?

    ~Mermaid Liv~
    Make life magical!

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    Ooo! I love Magictails! I have a first gen orange and a purple skins. Are they still see through underwater?

    I've been mermaiding since 2014 and also have a youtube channel. I'm a recreational mermaid. I do it just for health and have a small collection of pre-made and homemade tails. I also make one piece swimwear to match all of my homemade tails.
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    Hello. I'm only a recreational mermaid too. Why I do it? Well...mostly because it's fun. And also i love swimming, diving, learning about ocean ecology and marine animals and everything fantasy and cosplay therefore it feels like a logical step to enter this community for me. I am kind of new still it's been almost a year but not quite that i know about this hobby and try my best to participate with mermaiding, and 2020 sure was a special year making it difficult as everybody knows. Therefore i had very few occasions to swim with my first tail but it was fun overall. Mine is Finfun, cheap, easy to buy and get delivered, come fast, cool, easy to use, beginners suited. My model is a Fin Fun Sea Dragon Atlantis Mermaid i love the color, suits me well. I hope i could use it at the sea soon but i guess patience will be needed before that.

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    I've only ever worn one of their pro tails and it isn't see through. I also have a collection of homemade tails! I've made so many and I don't even use them anymore...

    ~Mermaid Liv~
    Make life magical!

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    Mermaid Fina, I feel ya on that (not being able to swim much in 2020). It's been a hard time for mermaids, not being able to swim with our pods! And now it's too cold to swim anyway. I hate winter...

    ~Mermaid Liv~
    Make life magical!


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