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Thread: Mermaid decor/merch?

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    Mermaid decor/merch?

    Found this super pretty mermaid trinket bowl thing and wanting to see what other stuff is out there!

    What's your favorite mermaid thing you own/where'd you get it? I know hobby lobby sells a lot of fun mermaid stuff, too! I've got these salt and pepper shakers for the summer!
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    I have this lovely mermaid toy : and this mermaid figurine which i cant show because i dont know the model it's seem rare stuff and i dont remember where i get it but its a pretty one more or less like that : That's it but i'm happy with this.

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    i have some mermaid ornaments for my christmas tree, and a couple necklaces that have scaled pendants on them. i don't remember where i got the necklaces, but the ornaments i got from walmart. i've been eying the mermaid tail stockings but i'm waiting for a color i like to come out.
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    I had a mermaid tail blanket! I used to lounge in it all the time. I brought it on long bus rides in high school for band and choir trips. My mom bought it for me when I was a sophomore, but I'm not sure where from. You can find some really cute ones on Amazon though!


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