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Thread: Mermfolk App - Feedback and cooperation appreciated :)

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    Mermfolk App - Feedback and cooperation appreciated :)

    Hello everyone

    I'm Coraluna from Germany, living in Tenerife/Canary Islands (that's Spain, but it's closer to Africa tha Europe ;-)).

    Travelling through Florida, I first saw real-life-mermaids and mermen and loved what I saw!
    However, what I notice when looking at the different Facebook pages, instagrams and the MerNetwork - we're present all over the world, but separately, not knowing of each other, and not being able to synergize nicely (in my opinion). I would like to change this by creating one app in which mermaids and mermen from all over the world can come together, share their knowledge, their passion, support each other and make the world a slightly better place together - all guided by a modern and playful app.

    The Goal: A Globally Connected Community
    The app is supposed to bring together the different things mermaids and merman are looking for online: inspirational videos, information about creating own costumes and accessories, links to mermaid-related sellers, a map and calendar of events and competitions and a community to interact with the other merfolk.
    The monetization is either going to be via a membership fee, a one-time price or advertisement and is going to be partly used to support a different environmental project each month that users can also vote on.
    In order to truly have a feeling of community, the content is going to be created and moderated by that community itself - growing and evolving naturally, without needing to invest a lot of money into it.

    Feedback Fuel
    In order to know if this is an idea you guys would like, I've created a Google Form to get some feedback:
    It would be amazing if you could fill it out and help me advance with it

    Have a mermaizing start into your year!
    Yours, Coraluna

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    The thing with apps that I despise, is the ad spam and paywall.

    Mernetwork already does all of the things you want in the app, so why put it behind a money grab?
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    There was once this bumper sticker in Silicon valley: "Standards must be a wonderful thing. Why else would we have so many?".
    The same can be said for Mer-sites. Making yet another one will just fragment the community even more. You don't want to make a new site, you want to get rid of old ones while taking the best one out there and making it better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Jaffa View Post
    The thing with apps that I despise, is the ad spam and paywall.

    Mernetwork already does all of the things you want in the app, so why put it behind a money grab?
    Everything costs money, monetizing the site to recoup operating costs isn't a bad thing and doesn't make it a money grab. Even mernetwork asks for donations for operating costs (and I've had a monthly payment going for a long time now).

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    Well app and online payment i'm not a fan but maybe some will be interested.

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