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Thread: Attaching sequins to silicone?

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    Attaching sequins to silicone?

    Hello merfriends!

    I've been contemplating making an extended tail, like the way JMBFXStudios made tails for Aquamarine/H20, etc for a loooooong time and I've always been coming up with various concepts. I think I've created an extended monofin concept that I'm confident that'll be efficient to swim with. What I want to know is it possible to glue those plastic shell sequins to silicone? I've seen a tailmaker who makes gorgeous replica h2o tails with a similar method, as the scales are all individually glued down. Of course I'll do tests before I make the actual tail, but I'm wanting to get a realistic look and feel. Here's the tail that I'm talking about, that uses the sequins as scales, and they also look to have been sealed.

    Any tips will be greatly appreciated!
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    You can't glue anything with sharp edges (like sequences) to silicone as it will cut the silicone. And no glue or nothing will stick to silicone unless it's the same silicone as the base

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    Fen is correct. However. It will cut the silicone if bent for extended periods of time. For sure! But it could look pretty if you sow them in. Use caulk silicone which does stick to plastic, to glue the sequins in place after you sow them I suggest u glue them down to prevent them from lifting me cutting the outer layer of clear dragons skin.

    So hereís the plan, sow them by hand so the placement is beautiful and in pattern, after you sow one down use the caulk gun and a butter knife take a drop on the tip of knife lift the scale a bit apply silicone under the scale press it so excess comes out clean up excess with spoon by spreading it downwards which will make it easier for the new scales to stick to the neoprene I say neoprene because itís the only viable and durable choice for this. After they are all down sown and glued. You can apply a top coat to the tail in dragon skin with no color but with fine sand like glitter so make it shimmer this will give it dimensions.

    I say test this in a small piece of fabric maybe a square foot test it under pressure test it with for extended periods of time while folded in half test test test then if itís durable enough go for it. Iíve had this idea for my extended tail aswell but huge silicone scales are easy to adhere and fill up such a long tail.
    Hope this helps much love

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    funny seeing flounder scales's tail here, I think he used a lot of his techniques from my youtube video never really credited me for it but ok) I personally handsewn all scales on and the added a bit of silicone to the tips to prevent them from going anywhere and as extra strength. It definetly works very well to me! You can also try using the sewing machine to sew them on fast, I saw nymph_marielle doing that on instagram. I'm not sure how well that stays on tho


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