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Thread: What did you eat today?

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    What did you eat today?

    I'd be really interested to see what merfolk like to eat day to day. Do you guys watch what you eat or follow a particular diet? Or do you just eat what you like?

    I eat a plant-based diet but am permanently wanting to lose weight. I have a medical condition which messes with my metabolism so that's tough!

    Anyway here's what I had yesterday:

    Breakfast: muesli with fruit and soy milk

    Lunch: toasted banana and peanut butter sandwich with more soy milk

    Dinner: Lentil gumbo with brown rice

    Snacks: an apple, and a carrot with hummus

    I normally have more protein than that - can you tell I was craving fruit? Lol.

    Hope people contribute - would love to see some more activity here now that I've found this lovely forum!

    No judgement no matter what you post!

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    Currently finishing up the last of Mum's Pineapple Tarts. She only makes them during Chinese New Year.
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    Breakfast: bacon & eggs, coffee
    Lunch: shrimp & crab, soda
    Dinner: teriyaki beef, beer
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Jaffa View Post
    Currently finishing up the last of Mum's Pineapple Tarts. She only makes them during Chinese New Year.
    Oh yum they sound delicious!

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    I made the most delicious smoothie this morning with protein powder, banana, soy milk, raspberries and blueberries...oh and a sprinkle of eats! It made me feel so summery!

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    I eated leek pie in fact it was tasty.

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    Being a chubmaid I had a cheeseburger... trying to cut back. D:

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    I too have been trying eat healthy as of late, trying to get that summer mer bod! Yesterday was my friends birthday so of course I used a cheat day and had some cake.

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    I ate scrambled eggs and bacon, mushroom soup, pancakes with meat, and vegetable salad


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