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Thread: How are you doing?

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    How are you doing?

    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd create a post to see how people are doing right now. My country is in lockdown and will probably be for a good while longer. The weather is really awful too so things feel difficult at the moment. I miss simple things like sitting in a coffee shop so much!

    Dreaming of the beach is keeping me going 2bh.

    How are ye doing? X

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    Well in fact i've been very sick (chronic digestive issue, unknown origin yet, i'm to go to endoscopy to resolve enigma in 10 days, long to wait with scary and exhausting symptoms for a easily stressed by sickness person like i am sigh) and though it's seems to apparently starting receding i hope so i'm still very low in energy last days having been a big crisis sorry that therefore i wasnt very active here lately.

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    Took the vaccine yesterday, have been feeling quite drowsy and sore all over since

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    That's hard. I feel you. I'm still sick but i have an exam to see why tommorow it's chronic pain disease that's hard. But we're brave. Hope you feel better soon.

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    I'm good. Still bit sore on my finger. I pulled a strap yesterday at the beach and heard the crunching of bones then the pain! So now I have a sore but stiff finger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Finale View Post
    Well in fact I started trading on Margex as my new hobby. And you know I really like it because it is sooo simple and profitable
    Thanks for sharing I am also thinking at the moment to take up trading as my daily hobby.
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