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Thread: How are you doing?

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    How are you doing?

    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd create a post to see how people are doing right now. My country is in lockdown and will probably be for a good while longer. The weather is really awful too so things feel difficult at the moment. I miss simple things like sitting in a coffee shop so much!

    Dreaming of the beach is keeping me going 2bh.

    How are ye doing? X

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    Well in fact i've been very sick (chronic digestive issue, unknown origin yet, i'm to go to endoscopy to resolve enigma in 10 days, long to wait with scary and exhausting symptoms for a easily stressed by sickness person like i am sigh) and though it's seems to apparently starting receding i hope so i'm still very low in energy last days having been a big crisis sorry that therefore i wasnt very active here lately.

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    Took the vaccine yesterday, have been feeling quite drowsy and sore all over since

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    That's hard. I feel you. I'm still sick but i have an exam to see why tommorow it's chronic pain disease that's hard. But we're brave. Hope you feel better soon.

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    I'm good. Still bit sore on my finger. I pulled a strap yesterday at the beach and heard the crunching of bones then the pain! So now I have a sore but stiff finger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Finale View Post
    Well in fact I started trading on Margex as my new hobby. And you know I really like it because it is sooo simple and profitable
    Thanks for sharing I am also thinking at the moment to take up trading as my daily hobby.
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    Hello all
    Adding to this thread here, as it seemed to be the right place to share.
    Yes; I'm doing pretty good. In some ways, better than I have been in a while.

    Back in March of 2016, I finally saved up enough money not only for a deposit on my dream tail from Finfolk, but enough set aside for close to the total amount it would cost me. Then my world was turned upside down.
    This 'flip' was mostly by my choice; I could no longer push aside the fact that I was gay. I could no longer continue to live under the guise of being bisexual in a hetero relationship, when I was not. While I was not married, my partner of 10+ years had been acting out in ways that hurt me deeply, due to his way of processing the disconnect that had been happening for years. Not an excuse for hurtful behavior, but a look into why. So I left.
    As terrified, ashamed and broken as I felt, I left in October of 2017. Our friendship was at least salvaged, and we are still a kind of soulmate to each other.

    The more unfortunate part to this is who I met next.
    As a newly out, late-in-life lesbian I was still pretty raw. I met her and instantly fell head over heels, and she *seemed* to not care that I was previously closeted, had dated mostly men, and a newly out Lesbian. Gatekeeping/Biphobia in the gay community (particularly the lesbian community) is a vicious and useless thing, and I had been at the receiving end of it many times, especially after coming out "late".
    Needless to say, this new relationship ended up super toxic, abusive and unhealthy, and I lost about 2 years of my life to it.
    By the Summer of 2019, the trauma had caused so much fear to just be myself, it has taken me until now to finally crawl back out from under my rock.
    I had consistently been in fear of getting yelled at, called names, threatened and even kicked, hit and punched by the person who claimed to be so in love with me.
    All because I would for a moment feel and look confident, nerdy, creative and be fully "me".
    None of that was allowed in her world. Her insecurities were above and beyond, and obviously mermaiding or finally getting my dream tail, was out of the question.
    Even if I had gone ahead and given the greenlight to Bryn & Abby to produce and send the tail, my partner would have likely found a way to take it away from me. Either by damaging it in some way, or forcing me into a financial situation where I would feel obligated to sell it.
    She destroyed and stole much of my property/belongings during out relationship, so I couldn't risk my beautiful tail.

    So I had to put off my production slot a few times...until a few months ago
    I saved back my mermaid tail fund that I'd lost relocating during & after the abusive relationship, plus a little extra.
    This week I heard they are starting on pours for my tail, and paint will happen in the next week or two.
    I'm with a wonderful partner now, who is also my wife and who encourages my geeky mermaid endeavors. She's not really nerdy herself, but is excited for me to finally have this little dream fulfilled.
    Don't EVER let anyone dim your light, or take it away from you. Don't EVER make yourself smaller to fit into their world, no matter what beautiful words or apologies they learn to weaponize.

    XOXOX ~ Mermaid Freyja

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    Your story reads quite sad. Glad that you have a healthy relationship now.


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