Hi all,
So ....
I hope to do some mermaid parties in the water.
I have actually done a few already with friends and their children.
One was for a celebration party for a girl who was celebrating 1 year recovery from leukaemia, another was my friend who unfortunately was dying from cancer and wanted me to help her make her dream come true and do a mermaid party for her daughter and family. We made it work during lockdown. It was the last birthday she got to spend with her daughter and both parties were so special for me and the families. I havnt charged anything, each child had a parent/adult in the pool or used paddling pool. I have done alot of research on safety and and am not on here for people to criticise me doing this without the right qualifications or insurances.
I would like to move forward with this and potentially turn it into a business or atleast do more charity gigs and would like to know in the UK what I need to do to be an independent professional mermaid.
I am currently trained and certified with PADI to a master freediving level and have some training with SSI.
Wondering if I have to start with swimming qualifications from the basic levels or is there a way I can do some sort of mermaid specific training and quals and my master freediving levels help me progress faster. Obz want to be safe and qualified at a good standard.
Do you need to have specific first aid training related to water? It was part of freediving qualifications but reckon will need a separate one.
Also who are people insured through?
From my research seems you need to join other organisations rather than be independent.
Any advice is very welcomed. Kind words please.
If anyone is interested in seeing what else I have been up to I have a YouTube channel, Facebook page and insta.
@the tales of the mermaid - Cyrus
Thanks for your time