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Thread: Under the Sea Costume Contest on Champions Online

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    Under the Sea Costume Contest on Champions Online

    Hey everyone! Apparently the superhero MMO Champions Online is having an Under the Sea themed costume contest with prizes this coming Friday February 26, 2021. I am just starting the free to play version of the game at the moment, but I am intrigued by it, and thought other gaMERS should be aware.

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    It should be noted that for free, players can use the following archetypes for their characters: the Inferno (fire blasts), the Marksman (archer), the Soldier (guns and rocket launchers and various military munitions), and possibly the automaton (essentially a robot gadget/technology blaster) in the ranged damage hero option, the Blade (a sword wielder/ninja), the Unleashed (a jedi-like or magus-like or Psylocke-esque combination of dual-swords and telekinetic/force powers) in the Melee Damage hero option, the Behemoth (super strength) and the Glacier (ice freezing/slowing smashing) in the Tank hero option, the Mind (telepathic), the Radiant (light and healing), and the Tenebrous (shadows and draining vitality) in the Support hero option, and finally the Dragon Spirit (ki/chi martial-arts) and the Grimoire (Dr Strange magic) well-rounded "hybrid" hero option. Various powers to blast wind or electricity or ice or telekinesis or darkness or force that might suit watery themes are not available, though I could see the Marksman, the Soldier, the Unleashed, the Mind, the Glacier, the Behemoth, the Radiant or the Tenebrous all flavored that way if you wanted to be creative with it. Similarly, a lot of the more elaborate travel powers, such as riding on rainbow clouds or carried by tornados do require purchase. Just as a warning.

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