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Thread: New Euro Mermaid

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    New Euro Mermaid

    Ahoy everyone!

    My real name is Daphne, and I'm a Dutch girl based in Paris, France working for the most magical place on earth.
    Obviously the Little Mermaid was one of my favorite Disney movies, but I really started to get interested in mermaiding the day I saw a mermaiding school existed in the Philippines.
    I thought it would be fun to go there, one day, when I would visit the Philippines, but I never thought any further.
    Until my dancing career came to a stop due to a definitive knee injury, and so I had to find something else to do with my creative and artistic background.
    And then one day, I had to organize a bachelorette party for my friend. Her favorite Disney princess is Ariel, so that was the theme. I started to look if it was possible to do a mermaid workshop, which was not easy to find or to do during this current situation. Eventually, it leads me to Claire La Sirčne from Paris, and she was willing to teach us the basics. It felt so good and natural that I immediately felt, that this was the way to go.
    I started following mermaids and mermen on Instagram, purchased Claire's book, etc. etc.

    I'm really looking into proposing my future skills for shows/meet&greets/events to tell the legends of the sea as a mermaid and so I've made some first sketches and first steps to create a few different mersona's.
    Before my injury, I was an active Satin Doll and my nickname was The Flying Dutch Satin Doll, as I have traveled everywhere for our shows. I figured this would be a perfect match to by signature mersona too, because of the Flying Dutch man legend and, well, all that I am: a traveling girl from the Netherlands.

    I can't wait to get inspired by you all and get some first pictures up and running

    Xx, Daphne ​

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    Hi Daphne! i'm French and i am around Paris too in the suburb. I've discovered mermaiding with Claire too! I only know her videos on youtube though, never meeted her in person. Most people here like me are not pro mermaid but doing it for fun but there is a pro mer section in this website were you probably can already take a lot of inspiration and advices that may be useful to you .

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    Merci beaucoup Fina! I can't wait for the pools to reopen or the private pools to be available after hibernation to continue practicing! I'm in the 77 area!

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    Yeah i'm very impatient too! I'm in the 92 area (if you mean the departement). Do you speak french fluently? Emy a new mermaid here is French and in France too. I'm starting to think if you agree that it may be time to try a topic for mers in France in the Europod session (in french if your at ease enough with the language). Is the idea appealing to you?

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    For sure! I can do both English or French

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    Here it is the new thread in the Euro Pod for french mers! :


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