(sorry for bad english I'm Dutch)

Heyy everyone mytisch_crafts here,

I recently, well, not recently almost a year ago won a free mermaid tail from De Vil Factory.

And I heard a lot of people say that they are scammers or no good.

I had some kind of contact with them over the past few months. Where they have promised me photos or/and videos of the tailmaking process. And untill this day they have not send me ANYTHING.
I won the tail almost a year ago and they keep saying its delayed and that they are ''so busy'' then at some point they mentioned that they had a meeting with some lawyers that had no part of the conversation whatsoever.

This has happened over and over again for months, now recently they stopped responding to my messages. AND IM DONE!

I'm tired of waiting so i'm reaching out to you guys. Does any of you have more information about this company? anybody has a tail of them? becouse quite honestly I think they are definetly scammers.
I heard they were part of Finspo or something? or posted their tails?

it would be cool if anybody has ideas on how to expose them?
If you have treathening messages ideas lemme know!

Here are some screenshots, at some point I started using google translate and talk spansish with them and got some help from a spanish speak mer. (becouse they wouldn't respond when I spoke english)
Also this is not even all there is way more!

you can see the dates on the screenshots ranging from Juli till now