Hi!!! My name is Meg, the reason I say I am newish is I am new to the site, not new to mermaids. I have been into mermaids since I was a child and that love of them and the sea only grew. I got my tail when I was 14 and have been swimming ever since! I'm 20 now and have been an active mermaid since I was 14, I love the sea despite being sorta landlocked? I'm in VA but Northern VA which kinda sucks right now not being able to swim. I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years and a competitive diver for 1 so to say I feel at home in the water is an understatement. Outside of mermaids I love reading, fantasy in general, sewing, crafts, drawing and cosplay. I am currently in college with plans to become a special education teacher but taking a semester off and I work in a daycare. I have a tiny fluff ball named Hummer and a very supportive group of friends but looking to hopefully find some mer friends I am also a lesbian and very open about it. It's nice to meet you all

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