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Thread: "Smooth Transition" monofins in silicone tails

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    "Smooth Transition" monofins in silicone tails

    Are we still experiementing with mermaid tails out there? The game is getting real... And I'm ready to jump back in! (I've been at this mermaid research for 8 years now... wow)

    So the title might not be completely obvious at first...

    I am trying to make a monofin within a silicone tail where you cannot see the lines of the premade Finis monofins. Do we just use Tons of silicone to hide these lines?

    Previously, I've bolted in plastic sheets to match the shape of my tail exactly, but is there another way? It makes the tail that much heavier...

    Would you suggest perhaps making a silicone monofin, or a fiberglass monofin? How difficult is this compared to what you need to do to make this "seemless" transition from monofin to the tip of the fin? And which (fiberglass or silicone) would be more efficient/easier/longer-lasting to use?

    Here's an example of a Finfolk tail where, its like they made a custom monofin, but I don't Beleive they do (correct me if I'm wrong) And then below, an example where you can obviously see the monofin

    Monofin obviously visable in silicone tail example:

    Here's my new fin design (untrimmed, unpainted) were its base is accidentally a a little too small for typical finis monofins, seems like I almost need to make my own monofin regardless. Unless there are suggestions for monofins with smaller foot areas as well?

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    You can try cutting down the Finis so it fits.

    If you use fiberglass to make your own: Use s-glass (not e-glass) as it flexes farther before breaking. Also use epoxy rather than polyester resin, for the same reason. I like West Systems epoxy. When you do the layup, use progressively fewer layers of cloth as you work your way to the tip of the monofin. That will let it flex in a more natural way and help hide that it is there. Then: Get some bi-fins, cut off the fin part to get just the foot pocket, and bolt them to the fiberglass fin.

    If you made a monofin from silicone (like Mertailor does): Use durometer 40 silicone. Consider making a mold of your feet so you get a comfortable fit.

    Rant: The monofin community really needs to learn about feet, fit and comfort. Hiking boots and skiing boots are both comfortable and can be worn for hours. Both those sports require that you put large forces on your feet, with control. There is no reason monofins could not be just as comfortable. Note that bi-fins come is a wider range of sizes so you can get one that fits you snugly and comfortably. Which is why I recommended bolting them to the fiberglass fin.
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