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Thread: Silicone Tails - are they worth it?

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    Silicone Tails - are they worth it?

    Hi, I have recently fell down the rabbit hole of silicone mermaid tails, so i have a few questions for people with them. First of all, do you think they were worth the money, in terms of performance, realism and sheer coolness? Also, how do they differ from fabric tails? In what cases would you would suggest that someone does or does not get one?

    Also if you would like to, please attach pictures. I would love to see some people in their tails!

    Thank you so much if you decide to answer my questions, I know I am asking a lot!

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    Just google silicone mermaid tails and you can see everyone's who's got them.
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    Realism and coolness: Yes definitely. They look great, feel great, and are quite cool.

    <------ Me in one of my silicone tails.

    Performance: This is dependent on the monofin, not the skin. With a good monofin, a cloth tail can be fast, as can a silicone tail. That said, both my silicone tails are my fastest. But I can take the monofin out of one them, put it in a cloth skin, and it becomes the fastest. This one:

    Silicone tail issues, or why you would not want one:
    Weight and bulk make it hard to carry, transport, and store
    Difficulty putting it on.
    And of course, cost.
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