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Thread: Any pods on Cape Cod?

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    Any pods on Cape Cod?

    Hi guys! I plan on spending a lot of time on Cape Cod this summer and I was wondering if anyone knew of any pods or simply other mermaids on cape cod? If you happen to be one, feel free to send me a pm!

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    The pod used to have regular meetings all over our territory before the pandemic hit. I’m pray that this summer we can all re start this yearly tradition.

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    Hi I am new but love mermaids my whole life and live nearby, I hope we can meet at the beach soon <3

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    I’m from north Dartmouth area if that’s close enough. I usually beach in fair haven or westport
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    Being a young mermaid its hard for me to get there at certain times, but I live quite close and if there is a meet up that is set up I would be happy to attend. So there is one mermaid here!


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