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Thread: Red Mernation Signature tail - 1500

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    Red Mernation Signature tail - 1500

    Pictures in facebook post!

    Sadly due to medical reasons I've grown out of my baby, I wanna see it go to a good home where it'll get the love it deserves.

    Originally bought for 1,950 dollars, selling for 1,500 plus shipping, willing to negotiate price!

    Swam in once in a lake and three times in chlorine, cleaned after every swim.

    I no longer have the measurements but it fit me at 5'7 going up to my lower ribs but could definitely take the waist down, would fit someone around size zero.

    There is straps on the monofin to help get it over your ankles I made from paracord

    If you have any questions let me know!
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    Just wondering if you could give a rough estimate of hips, waist and length sizing. ( I have no idea about clothes sizing in America lol). It's a gorgeous tail

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