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Thread: New Mer in BC

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    New Mer in BC

    Hii guys, you can call me Avery/Ave (haven't figured out a mermaid name yet) I'm 24 and from Southern British Columbia. I'm just starting out with getting into this hobby, but I first fell in love with the idea of mermaids when I was obsessed with Ariel, and that love never went away. I've spent the last 4 years staring wistfully at the mermaids I've seen on Instagram or tumblr, but finally dove right in a few days ago when I got to try a friend's monofin for the first time.

    I don't have my own tail yet, nor have a I used the full suit, but my friend has an extra she's letting me use to learn on, and I'll get to try the full tail on Saturday!! I'm super excited to get to know other mers, I only have my one friend whose even heard of this before so it's amazing to have all this info here!!!

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    Hello Avery and welcome here!


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