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Thread: Monofinless fluke

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    Monofinless fluke

    Does anyone know how to make the fluke strong enough for propulsion without insertion of a monofin?... Thanks

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    Not only do you need to make it strong, you need to connect it to your feet. After you do that, you have make a monofin.
    When I do that, I use a sheet of polypropylene:
    And bolt on foot pockets cut from bi-fins.
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    Woww... So informative... Thanks

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    My Adam Martyn tail is monofinless. The fluke is just silicone, and there is a silicone foot pocket that both feet go into. I'm not sure if you're talking a silicone or fabric tail, but if you're doing silicone just use a higher shore strength than you otherwise might have to make the fluke stiff enough to generate propulsion. The Adam Martyn tail is pretty floppy...looks great in the water, but it's not a speedy tail by any means.

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    It's a fabric tail.. Sorry I forgot about this info

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    Yeah I'm not sure how you'd do it for a fabric tail without essentially making a monofin

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    You could try boning, but it won't give you any propulsion. The fluke will keep it's shape, but that's all.

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    For fabric tails, you'd still need a monofin. Can't get anywhere with just feet.
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