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Thread: Any reviews on nereid studios?

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    Nereid studios reviews? -bad customer service update-

    I've been looking for makers that make 4xl mermaid tails and are affordable. Nereid studios came up and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them?


    After a couple weeks of not speaking to them since I found a different tail maker to go through. They texted me, not emailed but texted me. I told them at this time I'm not interested. But they kept saying they could offer me a deal. I told them short of offering $75 and me working as an ambassador, there would be no way for me to get one of their tails. This is after telling them multiple times no. So they talked about the deal again and, me being curious, asked about it. That's when they started asking me about "my store" and wanting to see my Instagram page to see the tails I've made. I told them that I dont own a store and I've just made tails for myself. So I gave them two tiktok links and that's when they told me my own tails I've made were very cheap and low quality. It was only after then that they told me that the deal was for a free top to go with one of their tails.

    My experience from this makes me not want one of their tails ever. Regardless if it is a cultural thing or not. I wanted to warn people if they look into this company. Be prepared.
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    They are pretty tails but only seen them in their online shop. They have a sale on atm too.
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    Yeah. A friend of mine suggested them since they are alot more accommodating and cheaper than another maker I was looking at. It just looks like they are relatively new since they started in august.


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