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Thread: Hi, Hello. New Old Merman from the UK

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    Hi, Hello. New Old Merman from the UK

    Hi All

    I have always loved the idea of Mermaids from when I was a kid. I always promised myself that at some point, I would get my self a tail. Well now coming to the tail end of my fifties, I figured that is was about time I did something about this. I have long known of the tails made by Eric Ducharme (the Mertailor), but by searching for Mermaids on YouTube I discovered the whole new world of tails from many different makers. I have purchased the books by Courtney Mermaid from the Shop Vancouver Mermaid and plan to make my own printed tail. Then I will have to find somewhere to learn to use it. A big thank you to all those merYouTubers for all of the helpful and inspiring videos that there are.

    As we come out of lock down, it will be fun to meet up with other merfolk later this year.


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    Welcome from another old merman. Glad to have you with us. I got you by a few years, I am 65.
    Are you a Frozen fan? Frozen fanfiction:

    Let the storm rage on!

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    Hello @Merman Richard
    . Welcome to the community! All mers are welcome here no matter size, race, religion, sex, or age. I'm glad you can finally start your mer journey.


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