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Thread: Exciting Mersona News!

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    Exciting Mersona News!

    I think I have finally landed on a mermaid name for myself! I am thinking Mermaid Lira! Lir is the sea in irish mythology, I added the A to make it a little more feminine for me. My middle name starts with a L so I feel like it fits me. It's short and easy to remember which I like. And to my knowledge, I don't know any other mermaids with this name.

    I'm glad to have fin-ally found a name as it has been bugging me for months. The next step is to get more comfortable using it! I already have my some other info about my mersona and it feels great to finally have a name to put with it!

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    Thats a pretty name I'm glad you found one that you like .

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    That is a very pretty name! It really feels amazing to finally find a name that suits your mersona. I recently picked Cyrilla. It is a plant native to where I am from and it just felt right. It was definitely important to me that it was a name that was unique so I could avoid and sea-rious drama with other mers XD It seems in that regard we are alike
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