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Thread: Instagram related: Didn't know where ese to put this

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    Instagram related: Didn't know where ese to put this

    Does anybody have any tips on how to keep your mermaid themed insta account interesting when you don't have a way to use your tail? I recently moved and mine is currently un-accessible (I haven't even gotten the chance to do an unboxing yet )

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    I suggest page fillers some people find a image of a coral reef or fish or background and post three pics at a time since Instagram has 3 spaces per row you can post only one content image and fill the ends with a stock image. For example if u were posting it now it pile be in this order. Filler pic first, content pic second, repeat filler pic third. This if done right will have a cool aesthetic effect and you only post one content pic. This increase volume will boost ur algorithm and you will show up more on your friends feeds which might mean more views and likes .
    Hope this helps

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    Thanks for the feedback thats sorta what I've been doing. I've been really lucky where I live (as long as you don't have a large gathering) you can still go to the beach, so lately most of my pictures have just been pictures I take while on a walk but i'm worried people will get bored of that :/

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    Take up a new hobby, and do watercolors of the fishy life.
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    That could work I already run an art account (though I haven't posted to it since last year) but I might start posting my more aquatic themed drawings to this one.

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    Finally!!! After 2 months of waiting my tail has been released from it's international customs prison lol! I don't know how to post photos on this website but if anybody is interested in seeing it I posted some pics to my insta.

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