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Thread: Looking for swim buddies in/near Wichita KS

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    Question Looking for swim buddies in/near Wichita KS

    Anyone in or near Wichita, KS that has been itching to swim with fellow mers? I recently fixed my Aquarius monofin so I can practice while I wait for my tail from Mertailor, and would love to meet some fellow mermaids/men! The local YMCA we go to is fabric tail friendly and has free swimming after a certain time on Fridays

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    hi! I am interested. I just need more information, like.
    what times are you willing, which YMCA, or even if you're still doing this.
    cus, you know, covid.
    I'm just beginning to get deep into mermaiding. but I have been unknowingly in it for 7 years and would like to get deeper. I've also have had difficulty to find others around me. (it may have something to do with the fact that Kansas is landlocked ) then I found you, soooooo... Yay I found someone!
    thank you for offering this

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    Ohmergosh! Hello! Yes I am still swimming and sadly the Y's do not allow even monofins anymore, but Rock river rapids and the Derby recreational center allow them so I've been happily swimming at those locations So far I am getting back to swimming on the weekends when work allows for it to be so, and hopefully on Mondays once summer hits (the last time I swam was Sept. last year, so we've been taking it slow and making sure the pools are low capacity before visiting). I also got my first dose of the vaccine today and getting my second one before RR opens up which means double safety!

    There are also a few other mers here in Wichita, but I haven't swam with or heard from them since last summer, and they're over on instagram so I'd have to see if they're still active via messages over there


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