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Thread: Hi I'm new

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    Hi I'm new

    So... I never considered myself someone who was particularly into merpeople. As time passed, I started getting into writing, and I noticed that all the books about merpeople were targeted towards girls. So I started coming up with a fantasy novel about them. I started getting more and more into making this story, and as I did, I started getting into stuff about merfolk as well.

    And now I have found myself here. A grown man, wanting to wear a costume tail and jump in a pool with it. I kind of humored the thought of getting a tail from fin fun a bunch of times, but now I am frightened because I'm actually considering it. I am willing to take money out of my precious small college student back account, and put it into whatever this is.

    So I thought here, because if I'm going to make an impulsive purchase I may as well make sure I order a monofin with the right foot size.

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    Anyway, yes a fin fun is a good place to start. Their adult Monofin pro fits most all.
    Also, I am a 65 yr old grown man, overweight, and I swim as a merman.
    Welcome to the group!
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    Welcome Current. Sometimes you just gotta pursue that cool thing that is nagging at you. Like Storm mentioned Fin Fun is a great way to get your fins wet and see what it's all about.

    And nothing wrong with being a merman. We have so many wonderful gentleman in our community that are mers.

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    Welcome Current. Yes and you're at the right place! I love that a community is here to help you along (with no judgement whatsoever). I'm sure there are many others here who felt the same way as you're feeling now.


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