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Thread: Hi shy new mermaid but excited!

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    Talking Hi shy new mermaid but excited!

    I have booked my first mermaid class and I am so excited! I have a degree in fashion design, used to work at Disney, love making and doing cosplay esp for kids. I grew up swimming in the ocean all the time and I wanted to be a marine biologist. I think dipping my new fins in the water will help give me confidence again my self esteem had been taking a beating thru covid ect. I am looking forward to making some new friends here and live near cape cod area, and am traveling to Hawaii soon (and will take the class in warm water) if there are any active mers nearby I would love to meet you

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    Welcome ! I've worked for Disney too and still do at Disneyland Paris! Maybe there are more (ex) Disney Cast Members here, would be fun to swim together one day and cosplay the whole little mermaid family
    I'm sure you're gonna love the class and will get the confidence you're looking for. You signed up, so that's a great level of confidence to start from

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    Ahhh That would be soooo fun!!! So many sisters and Ursula would be so cool! And of course the king, so many cute characters. I started taking Rania's classes online, it's so helpful and boosting my confidence more that I can do this. Thank you for your kind words! Keep swimming
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