Hello! In case any smaller footed mers are interested I wanted to make this post about the difference in size between the adult and junior monofins from Mahina Mermaid. I knew I wanted a mahina but because I could go either way with my foot size. I was trying to find out if there was more tail options for the junior but really couldn't find any information on the exact size difference between the two. (If this info is already on here sorry.) The only thing I could find was an old video of Nerdmaid Faith's when she was using her Bass On The Faith channel briefly comparing/saying the junior was closer in size to the finfun monofin. So I ended up buying both and wanted to share!

(Aquamarine is the adult & coral is the junior)

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Adult Mahina Merfin

Heel to center notch 17in or 43.18cm
Height, heel to longest point 26.5in or 67.31cm
Wide, fin tip to tip 32in or 81.28cm

Junior Mahina Merfin

Heel to center notch 14.5in or 36.83cm
Height, heel to longest point 22.5in or 57.15cm
Wide, fin tip to tip 27in or 68.58cm

Here's a stacked comparison of the adult Mahina Merfin vs Junior Mahina Merfin vs Finis Aquarius (had to crop in half because of image size restictions)

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I didn't want too many pics on here but if you are interested on how I measured or certain points they are on imgur. https://imgur.com/a/Nc0teZK and if there are other measurements you'd like let me know! I'm also working on experimenting painting one of my Mahina's, which I think is going well so far....hopefully. Will make a how-to post if it works out!