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Thread: Making a monofin

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    Making a monofin

    Hi, new to the hobby and want to make a monofin. I have a pair of swimfins I want to turn into monofin but need advice. Im going for more of a dolphin shaped fin rather than fish. But to accomplish that i would need to pad it out a bit. I have the fins for propulsion but what material would be good for a more 3d dolphin fin shape? I have eva foam on hand as well as a few foam pool toys. Would that work or should i find something else?

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    Foam like that it's going to be way too floaty to use as a monofin. A lot of times what people end up doing with swimfins is just using the foot pocket, and making a new monofin blade with lexan.

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    To give it an airfoil shape, your only real options are to make a mold and cast it in polyurethane or silicone. I would go with silicone as that will lead to making full tails.

    As for the airfoil shape, I recommend the S8025.
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