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Thread: Help! How to stick silicone fluke halves to monofin?

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    Question Help! How to stick silicone fluke halves to monofin?

    Hi all!

    Almost at the end of my tail build... I've got both my silicone fluke halves and a mesh pocket around the monofin however I don't want a big air/water pocket in the fluke. I've been recommended various glues to stick the silicone down but nothing will stick to my monofin as its polypropylene (the hydra).

    Has anyone found a glue that will stick to the hydra? it doesn't have to stick to silicone too as I can stick the mesh to the monofin and then the silicone to the mesh.

    Drilling holes in the monofin is my last resort. I've been told it can cause the fin to split so would like to avoid it but I'm guessing again this is a bigger problem with fibreglass fins and the plastic might be ok?

    Any advice much appreciated!

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    E6000 adhesive

    Serious Sirenetics

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    1) Drill holes in it so the two silicone halves can stick to each other.
    2) "Paint" the monofin with a propane torch just before gluing to it. The heat from the torch breaks some of the molecular bonds, giving the glue something to latch on to. In the industry, this is known as "cold plasma treatment".
    3) Drain holes at the trailing edge of the fin will allow any trapped water to get out. If you have a good fit at your waist, water cannot get in, and the drain lets it out, so eventually it is all gone and the tail is suctioned down to you and the monofin.
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