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Thread: World Oceans Day June 8, 2021!

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    World Oceans Day June 8, 2021!

    Tuesday is World Oceans Day! I am planning on heading to Hammonasset State Beach in Madison, Connecticut to do a clean up! Something I do anyway, but will hoping for some photo ops as well with tails.
    Anyone who wants to join me feel free!

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    Yes this year the theme is "life and subsistance". Big problem being : most of the ocean environmental issue has to do with overfishing from industrail fishing but that's also one of the main source of wages and developement in the poorest countries, so social issues and ecological issues should be solved together that's not easy. Me in a big town i don't really know what i can do of any real impact for the ocean today thought i really would love to be able to do something huge or not that could be at least useful i have no idea where to start, any tips?

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    Thanks for the information. The issue of ocean conservation is a very important issue, since we live on a planet with great potential and the world's oceans, which are suffering now due to the release of a very large amount of waste, can turn into a source of trouble for the whole world. As a person who studies ethnography and who read a lot of articles on the website about various ethnographic problems and problems of human development, I am very concerned about the development of mankind as a whole.
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