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Thread: Friends?? (Google is not helpfull :( )

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    Friends?? (Google is not helpfull :( )

    How do you make freinds as an "adult"? I don't really leave the house much and I never really learned how to make freinds. Like how do you aproach people and start a conversation without it being awkward (where would you even go to meet said people?)

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    Well as an autistic person i'm not really the best for understanding and applicate the social conventions of befriending so i can't really teach you them but what works for me (or similar friends) as someone socially inept who still manage to make friends are 1-the web and mmorpg exists for a reason (even if me i'm too akward to make friends in it most of the time some are able to do so) 2-I met people in places with a theme we're all intersted it like a manga convention and start speaking about some manga (or any other common topic of interest) smiling and sharing passion and well people find it weird at first but knowing me better that works. That's my two cents. And also...there is a easy way to make friends in this site you can just ask people to.

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    Thank you for the advice I appreciate it

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