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Thread: kinda fell off the planet a while

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    kinda fell off the planet a while

    Working on projects, got halted by eye surgeries and health issues.. working on things as I feel up to it..

    Getting back to my art.. Still doing a bit of mermaid themed jewelry.. got into glass casting so of course mermaid glass castings..

    I met a guy online , moderator in one of the jewelry forums, that wanted to do my designs for jewelry stamping hubs..I though great idea so people could make their own mermaid themed jewelry...
    I sent a few designs I already had.. was working on the mermaid goodies..when it hit a huge snag..

    Not sure where it will go..he does have them at the heat treater and would have been pushing out hubs and PMC molds for jewelers , but he just got busted for "Stolen Valor"...

    I do have a larger company interested so I'll be taking them there..

    Mermaid glass castings.

    Dichroic mermaid bracelet

    Models for the stampings

    Stamping hubs in the works..

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    Hi! I'm well placed to understand how health issues can get people quite isolated i feel you. Art can do wonder in such situations at hospital it was my only link to the outside world and way to feel something better than pain in my life, mermaid themed jewelry seems a good project! I'm pretty bad on the trade part so i cant get you advice on that though except having ideas is great having creations is better so keep up the good work!


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