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Thread: New merman!

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    New merman!

    Hello! My name is rayan but a nickname I have for online is biscuit ^~^ I am new to mermaiding but I been swimming forever and it was my favorite thing to ever do! But in the past 4 years I didnít get to swim as Iím ftm trans and puberty and mental body dysphoria didnít allow me to enjoy swimming ;( so I didnít swim anymore....but I got my top surgery! And I been swimming 24/7 now! And I feel so happy and! I finally got to try being a merman!! I got my monofin from finfun coming in the mail! No tail yet as Iím just starting! But I canít wait!! Oh Iím also in Minnesota so if anyone knows weíre I can find a pod in mn please tell me!! Also Iím an artist! ^~^
    This is a mer/maid/man oc I made ^^

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    Cool picture! and welcome to the community

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    Hello rayan! Welcome to the community. Sadly i personally don't know where you could find a pod but if you have facebook then you could just go to groups and search for something like Mermaids/Mermen of Minnesota or Mermaids/Mermen of [insert where you live]. Also your art is really good, you got the proportions perfect. Although if you have the option to, flipping your drawings could help with symmetry, but maybe you did flip it and my OCD is just making things up, who knows.

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    Hello! I am also from MN. I am apart of the facebook group Minnesota MerFolk. I just recently joined, and they host meetings once a month! This month will be my first. It is being held on the 29th. If you're interested, I highly suggest joining! Everyone seems very kind and welcoming so far. Everyone constantly post tail updates as well. It's very exciting!


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