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Thread: Hi !! new merman

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    Red face Hi !! new merman

    Hello! im pretty new to this community so my mersona is still being thought out but ive been calling him merman crush! inspired by the turtle from nemo, i watched that movie a million times as a baby.
    my real name is Grey, im 19, ive been into mermaids for as long as i can remember. as a little kid i was absolutely obsessed with them. I had a monofin but nothing else, i couldnt tell you which one, its been lost for so long. i got my first full tail a few months ago from Mertailor! its a koi guppy. im obsessed with the linden now. i found this website trying to get help with it, (which i absolutely did.)
    for the foreseeable future i'm a hobbyist, im just bringing my childhood dreams to life now that i have the money. my goal joining is to ask questions and understand more about this world.
    also: in love with pixars Luca right now. its so close to merman rep that i will take it

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    Hello, welcome to the party lol

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    Hello! I'm new to the community too. Welcome to the mer-fun!

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    Hello! Personally I'm currently debating if i should get the mermaid Linden monofin by body glove or the Fantasea Fin 1 but i can understand why you would like the Linden as i have heard nothing but wonderful, glowing endorsements of it.


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