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    New siren

    Hello, I am Amour, a Siren who has yet to get it's tail. I'm located in Puerto Rico if there's any other merfolk from the island MERAA WOOOOO. I have loved water all my life and am pursuing a career in marine life preservation I'd like to do field work but also want my mersona to function as a sort of ambassador to promote conservation. But again no tail no pod no mermaid school just me in the big blue sea.

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    Welcome its so cool that you work in marine prservation.
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    yeah a dreamy job indeed.

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    Hi! I have also loved water all my life! I am pursuing a career in marine biology/conservation! I am hoping to do lab and field work. I also do not have a tail at the moment. I am currently saving up, but it is difficult to do so on a college salary.

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    Hello, and welcome to the community! And thanks for caring about the ocean.


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