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Thread: New Mermaid!

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    Red face New Mermaid!


    I have been interested in mermaids since forever, it was probably one of the first things I drew as a child. I'm from Pennsylvania and am an artist. I pretty much do every type of art though I specialize/went to school for Photography (self taught), Videography (self taught and school), Graphic Design (school) and Sculpture (school). I've been sewing for as long as I can remember as well. I don't have the most time in the work for it but I do my best when doing so. I've made myself 2 fabric tails in the past, had a mermaid mini series at one point on youtube and am now working towards making my first silicone tail. Aside from art i'm extremely active, I pretty much do anything and everything. My favorites include, swimming, running, cycling, hiking and rock climbing. I'm currently getting into the best shape possible for my silicone mermaid tail.

    I hope to get to talk with you guys and I'm really hoping on meeting some mermaids in Pennsylvania!

    Happy swimming!

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    Hello and welcome .

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    Hi! I'm new here too. It's so cool to hear about all of your creative accomplishments!

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